Jewelry Care

All jewelry is hand fabricated from Sterling silver, brass, and occasionally 14k gold. 

Sterling silver and brass jewelry should be stored in a dry place when not being worn. A plastic bag or cloth bag inside a box is ideal for storage. 

Sterling silver naturally oxidizes overtime from everyday wear. Some people like this feature and others prefer their silver to stay shiny! That's fine as a polishing cloth will restore shine.

Brass does not like moisture and will tarnish quickly. Some people enjoy the way brass tarnishes overtime with wear. If you want your piece to remain shiny, store in a dry place and avoid getting it wet. Brass can easily be polished to restore shine with jewelry polish or a polishing cloth. If the jewelry piece features a stone, avoid polish touching the stone.

Avoid wearing your jewelry swimming or showering. Chlorine will slowly erode natural stones and eventually discolor metal.